Henry Jackson – The King of all Snowboard MCs

Throughout my time at the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympic Games, I spent most of my time in Phoenix Snow Park where I was able to witness a lot of snowboarding. The atmosphere was always lively and the crowd was always pumped. I believe much of that credit goes to Henry Jackson, the commentator for these events. Throughout each event his honest and emotional commentary keep the crowd engaged and the riders pumped. He offers realistic feedback and heartfelt encouragement to the athletes as they are snowboarding and rejoices with the crowd when seeing successful runs. While other sports commentators could be serious, Henry Jackson always brought enthusiasm to the snowboard course. He was one of my favorite parts of being at snowboarding and it came as no surprise that when I looked him up, one snowboarding magazine referred to him as the “King of all Snowboard Events MCs.”

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