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Bobsled – Elana Meyers Taylor Takes Home Silver

After enjoying a delicious meal of chicken and beer, a group of us attended the Women’s Bobsled Final event. GW alum, Elana Meyers Taylor, is a bobsled pilot and was competing for a medal in this event so, we went to support our fellow alum. After taking a long hike up to the sliding center, I was amazed to see how fast the bobsleds are moving. As you stand along the side of the track, you see the bobsled pass you by for only a split second and I gained a whole new appreciation for the sport. When we got into the stands, Soohorang and the cheerleaders were keeping the crowd lively and the South Koreans were really excited to be at the event. They were dancing and wanted to take pictures with us the whole night. The energy did not slow down for the whole night, but ultimately the best this to witness was Elana Meyers Taylor and her partner Lauren Gibbs take home the silver medal for the USA.

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