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The stadium was crowded by Brazil ?? fans, they were so crazy and cheer for their team. Our seats are pretty good to watch the game, even see the play’s face. 

This is not the first World Cup game of me, but I still feel that was the first game. Not only because of the seats, but also the fantastic atmosphere of fans.


This lady was standing right outside the Mcdonald in Olympic Park with her white board. what it said on her white board is "Mcdonald's Happy Meal almost KILL my Baby", I did not stop and I just took a quick picture of her, i could not know what the small words about, should be some details about how her baby was almost killed by Mcdonald's Happy Meal. Meanwhile, the line of people who was trying to get into Mcdonlad is still very long.


I met this pin collector from Los Angeles while I was having shift at Media Village. He came to me and asked me if I have any pins to trade, and i did. He told me that PyeonChang was his 16th Olympics, he watchs games and trade pins. I asked him what the reason is behind this, he gave me simple answer, "I am just addicted to it"

It took me whole three weeks and another trip to see one of my best friends to recover from my hangover of Olympics. I am still not able to believe that I went to Olympics for a study abroad program and also worked for IOC (International Olympic Committee). I kept annoying each of my friends with all my stories until they got bored of me. I can happily say that these 23 days of my life was the best days of my existence. I wish I could go back and live those days again, but I know I would not be able to! I am very much ecstatic I got this opportunity for going to Olympics. I will treasure each moment of this trip through my life.

One of the good things I take back from my time in Olympics are all the people I made friends with. Now, I can proudly say that I have at least one friend from half of the countries around the world. I am sure I may not even see half of them in my lifetime. But I was able to make sure that I connected with them through social media. I met few people who have gone to more than three Olympics. I was lucky enough that I got to go to one of the games in my life. All these friends I made brought in so much diversity in me I have never experienced before. I got to know about so many cultures across the world because of them. Looking forward to the next games to meet some of them at least!