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This lady was standing right outside the Mcdonald in Olympic Park with her white board. what it said on her white board is "Mcdonald's Happy Meal almost KILL my Baby", I did not stop and I just took a quick picture of her, i could not know what the small words about, should be some details about how her baby was almost killed by Mcdonald's Happy Meal. Meanwhile, the line of people who was trying to get into Mcdonlad is still very long.


I met this pin collector from Los Angeles while I was having shift at Media Village. He came to me and asked me if I have any pins to trade, and i did. He told me that PyeonChang was his 16th Olympics, he watchs games and trade pins. I asked him what the reason is behind this, he gave me simple answer, "I am just addicted to it"

We met Yang Yang while we were getting our uniforms at MPC.Yang Yang was the most famous Winter Sports female athletes in China and she is in her eighth year as IOC athlete member which is her last year.She is also the Chair of Athletes Commission of 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.Couldnt believe my eyes when i first saw her.