The long journey to PyeongChang

My trip to PyeongChang, South Korea was overwhelming, nerve-wracking, and extremely exciting. Due to unforeseen circumstances, my travel partner was no longer able to make the journey; so I found myself going to Korea alone. I was so nervous sitting in the airport. I had never been anywhere in Asia and had absolutely no idea what to expect when I landed. Luckily, a friendly woman greeted me when I took my seat on the plane. She offered to wipe down my tray table (she’s a nurse and wanted to make sure I stayed healthy during my adventure) and we chatted for hours. This stranger calmed my nerves and the pit in my stomach turned into pure excitement.


The 14-hour plane ride went surprisingly fast and I arrived at Incheon International Airport before I knew it. As soon as I saw Soohorang, the Olympic mascot, in the airport I knew that my adventure had finally begun.

Picture of me high-fiving

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