Spending Two Days in an Airport

People holding welcome PyeongChang 2018 sign

What do you do with yourself for 48 hours in the airport? It definitely has its range of emotions between draining, stressful, and a quick rush of adrenaline, but all in all it has gotten me ready for this experience.


Most people pass the time with Netflix or a book, but I suggest taking a look around and just watch the people nearby.


One of our responsibilities at the Games is to observe or take note of the facilities being used, so while waiting for one of my many flights, I had the chance to sit back, relax, and observe. People can be so interesting with their facial expressions while thinking or body language while waiting for their flight to be called. I have come to the conclusion that everyone has the mindset that they can be themselves at an airport.


I also noticed the trend of support of the Super Bowl winning team, the Philadelphia Eagles, on display at the Philadelphia airport. So, my high expectations of celebration for the Olympics when I landed in South Korea were met by countless amounts of “PyeongChang 2018” posters, flyers, and décor throughout the airport. I am so excited to see what the Villages and other venues have on display!

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