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Chan ho Yoon, my first experience with one of the volunteers and probably the best experience with any of the volunteers during the 2018 Winter Olympic games. After a 21 hour flight, you think you will be able to get to your room and hit the bed. Unfortunately when I landed at 10:30 pm on February 6, there was no KTX train for me to reach Gangneung. The person working at the transport help desk mentioned that the last train was at 10 pm earlier that day and the first train at 5 am the next day. For a minute, I thought I had to spend the whole night in the airport. Luckily, the volunteer asked for my accreditation and said to me that he would be able to help me. He also mentioned that he would talk to the transport manager and somehow fix this for me. The only downside to this help was that I had to wait for an hour. I waited and waited at the airport for 45 minutes and the superhero volunteer came back and told me that they would be able to drop me in a car at my accommodation. It was more than 2 hours since I landed at Incheon airport(time was 12:45 am). I could not thank him enough for solving this crisis because I did not want to travel alone in the strange city and strange country without any prior knowledge. By the time, I boarded the car it was almost 1:30 am and to my surprise, the driver did not speak English. Since I was messed up with all the time zone differences and multiple hours of sleeping on the flight, I could not fall asleep on my way to Gangneung in the car. After four and half hours of drive in the car, I finally arrived at my accommodation and it was almost sunrise. Even though there were few downsides, I really appreciate Chan ho Yoon who helped me at the right time and right place.