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Athlete Accommodations

Most folks usually wonder what accommodations athletes receive at the Games. Luckily, the Olympic Village marketplace has a mock bedroom on display. Overall, it’s pretty basic. But stylish and functional nonetheless. #olympics #pyeongchang2018 #bedroomdecor #athletes #olympian  

Olympic Shopping

Want some Olympic gear from the 2018 Games?! Me too! Upon arrival at the Olympic Superstore, one feels like they’ve arrived at Disneyland, with an Olympic twist. But, make sure to bring your Visa card. As an official sponsor,  they’re the only accepted at the Games. No Visa, no PyeongChang gear. #olympics #gear #visa #pyeongchang2018

A New Helper

I was looking forward to learning how PyeongChang organizers would integrate technology into the Games; they did not disappoint. Here, a friendly, tiger (which is also the mascot of the 2018 Games), robot welcomes visitors in the Athletes Village and schedule information is available via an interactive touch screen. Really unique, user friendly, and eye catching! #pyeongchang2018 #olymics #robots #thefuture…

Sharing Korea With the World!

Korean cultural exchange area in Olympic Media Village. Korean books have been translated into other languages for guests. A reminder that while primary focus of the Games is sports, they also provide an opportunity for the host country to share their culture with the world. #olympics #gwu #pyeongchang2018 #korea #language  

Gearing Up for the Games

We picked up our official Olympic uniforms!!! Such an awesome opportunity to meet Korean volunteers who make the Games possible. We definitely have a unique opportunity to see how large mega-sporting events are organized from behind the scenes. We’re ready for the Games! Are you? #olympics #pyeongchang2018 #studyabroad #onlyatGW #gwu