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The Olympic Truce Mural has been a fixture of the Games for sometime. The mural represents the Ancient Greek tradition to ask athletes set aside their differences during the Games and compete peacefully. Athletes were asked to reaffirm their commitment to this ideal by signing the wall. This mural was displayed in the Pyeongchang Athletes Village. #olympics #pyeongchang2018

Olympic wall


Olympic truce mural wall

When I asked to observe the luge at the Winter Olympics, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was somewhat surprised spectators really only have a few ticketed locations to observe the athletes during their run. Even then, a lot of the folks who purchased tickets don’t sit in their seats, they stand up near the front of the stands to cheer on the athletes.

Sliding center

Further, I got to work more than one event at the sliding center, which quite honestly I didn’t realize other sports would use the same sliding track! Pretty neat to learn about the different sports and see them in action first hand. I particularly find it interesting the luge uses a sled and the athlete lies on his/her back. In contrast, the skeleton also uses a sled, but the athlete lies their stomach, head first.  I’m really hoping they have cameras in the helmets so the images can be mapped to 3D tech. It would be cool to feel like I’m head first on the skeleton track, going for a run, without actually risking injury to my head! #olympics #gwu #pyeongchang2018



What’s been really neat about the Olympic Games is the ability to visit company pavilions. I was able to check out the Samsung Expeience pavilion in an Athletes Village and spoke with two Samsung reps about the Galaxy Note 8. Being an Apple loyalist and iPhone user for several years, I was curious to learn what the competiton could offer. I’ll admit, I was rather impressed. I was given a tour of the android interface, took my photo, and used a stylist (!!!) to add graphics to the photo. It all seemed really initiative and the Android OS was super fast.

Smiling at Samsung

When the reps offered to send the pic I created to me, I felt Somewhat embarrassed so say I had an iPhone and they cousin zap it to me right away. Lol indeed, the reps gave a frown face. So I sent the pic to myself via email instead. Overall, a great display of Korean innovation - and I’m wondering if I might switch to a Samsung phone in the future. #olympics #samsung #pyeongchang2018 #gwu


The United States Olympic Committee started a mentor recognition program in 2008 called the Order of Ikkos. Named after an Olympic Greek coach, US athletes who ‘podium,’ (aka earn an Olympic medal) are entitled to bestow the medal on one person who greatly impacted their lives, enabling them to become an Olympic athlete. The National Governing Bodies typically have a ceremony where the athlete recognizes an individual for their impact and the medal is awarded. The things you learn while working a USA House volunteer shift...! #olympics #gwu #pyeongchang2018 #medal


A few GW Study Abroad Olympics students visited the Canada House and indulged in creating s'mores on the outdoor patio!! This activity was nostalgic for many of us, something we enjoyed doing in the past but haven't done recently. It was an interesting experience to partake in a familiar activity provided by different country. Perhaps this event reminded us that folks from different countries can share share common cultural bonds, even if its not apparent at first.

smores fire

While roasting marshmallows at Canada House, the we began chatting with a few Canadians, sharing origin stories, our roles at the Olympics, and how the Games can be improved moving forward. Our initial desire to relive a childhood activity (and fill up with lots of sugar!) ended up being a mechanism to facilitate discussion with new friends and make new memories. Partaking in cultural activities, realizing that we share a common threads, and making new friends is also what makes the Olympic Games a unique, memorable event. #olympics #smores #canadahouse #pyeongchang2018 #memories

making s'more at a campfire

It’s not something most people probably think about, but the modern day Olympics requires a lot of telecommunications equipment, including thousands of miles of cables. The GW Olympics course granted students a behind the scenes look at what it takes to produce one of the worlds largest celebrations of sport and culture. Lucky, today’s telecommunications equipment is able to let fans view athletes compete in real time - enabling 2-3 billion people to watch - all in part to the immense communication infrastructure. Since so many folks are able to view the Games, I’m fairly certain Pierre de Coubertin, the founder of the modern Olympic Games, would be pleased. Though, it’s hard to believe a fair amount of this equipment will be removed after the Games are over. #olympics #comm #pyeongchang2018 #cables #gwu

Cables at the Games

The GW South Korea Winter Tour 2018 group enjoyed a traditional Korean lunch yesterday at the Halssa Art World. The event was hosted by the parents of a current GW student and the dean of the GW Business School also attended! We were humbled to celebrate the New Year with new friends and familiar faces from DC at a beautiful venue. Wishing health and happiness to all! #koreanfood #koreannewyear #lunarnewyear #gwu



Selfie w the dean



Tom Duncan, Global Olympics Lead at P&G, met with the GW Winter Tour team yesterday morning at the 2018 Olympic Games P&G Hospitality House in South Korea. Duncan immediately highlighted P&G is the worlds largest advertiser, touching over 5 billion people a year. As a GW business student studying marketing, this was such a unique and valuable opportunity to learn from a worldwide Olympic sponsor - how cool is that?!

The P&G family of brands views the Olympic Games as a celebration of humanity and about 2-3 billion people watch the Games. Given the wide audience, P&G leverages the Games to showcase how it’s many brands enable athletes to achieve their goals through enabling everyday life activities.

The company has used over 300 Olympic athletes in its advertising campaigns to promote its products. Duncan noted P&G brand marketing team must determine if/ how the Olympics can be incorporated into an marketing campaign. Promotions can range from in store activation to social media. However, ultimately the company uses metrics provided by its partners to evaluate the ROI of its campaigns.

The Games also provides P&G an opportunity to meet with different company execs from around the world. Here, P&G can showcase its products and make new business partnerships to enter new markets. The Games provide Olympic sponsors a forum to discuss business deals they may not otherwise have an opportunity to explore.

Speaking with Duncan highlighted the interconnected relationships of sport, business, and marketing; I found Duncan’s insider perspective to be invaluable.

#onlyatgw #olympics #pyeongchang2018 #gwu

P&G Speaker