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The stadium was crowded by Brazil ?? fans, they were so crazy and cheer for their team. Our seats are pretty good to watch the game, even see the play’s face. 

This is not the first World Cup game of me, but I still feel that was the first game. Not only because of the seats, but also the fantastic atmosphere of fans.

The first day in South Korea for me was great. Volunteers helped me a lot on getting credential, train ticket and take taxi. Although the machine problem made my flight delayed more than 3 hours, I am worried about I could not go to the dorm on time on my way to Inchon.

I arrived Inchon airport at 7:30pm and tried to be in hurry to catch the last train to Gangneung. However, I don't have to be in that hurry. Because of this host country did a lot of things to save Olympic participants' time. The signs showed the PVC Validation Counter after I get off the plane. It has several tables to help people to exchange the temporary credentials to the official one. Volunteers work there are so friendly and polite, they provided good services and tried their best to speck English to help me. I have to say it is very easy, fast and convenience to have a special fast lane for Olympic participants. I took only 1 minute on that customer lane.

After I picked up my luggage, the other volunteer helped me on getting the train tickets. She told me that she will send me to the train station 15 minutes before departure, because there will not be any volunteers worked on the way from airport to train stations, she doesn't want me to get lost.

The process of getting to the dorm was smooth for me. After I got off the train on Gangneung Station, a volunteer helped me to take a taxi and confirm the address with the driver. I arrived at dorm at 11:50.