Wrapping Up

What an incredible few weeks this experience has been. In spite of the long hours, sleepless nights and truly Arctic temperatures I would not trade my time or experiences in PyeongChang.

With my career aspirations focused on a life working in sponsorship or marketing partnerships surrounding large sporting events I started this journey with an all business focus. I quickly learned that your time at the Olympics is what it needs from you rather than what you thought you needed from it. It was in embracing that idea that I found so many amazing experiences I never could have imagined, made some fantastic new friends and met some incredible people from around the world.

Coming from a small town in North Carolina where I spent most of my life rarely straying from state lines, it is hard to describe the value in an experience like this one. From the wealth it has added to my life from a cultural awareness perspective to the fantastic business leaders we had the opportunity to meet that could have a monumental impact on my future – the entire experience has just been phenomenal.

Collecting data for the IOC was certainly one of the least glamour positions I’ve been fortunate enough to hold down, but the privilege of the opportunity and all that came with it was certainly not lost on me.

I feel so grateful to the IOC, Dr. Neirotti, Lisa C, the people of Korea and all those I met throughout my Olympic journey for making this an experience that will last a lifetime.

Day 1 with the Olympic Rings

Small group outside USA House

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