Olympic Figure Skating Exhibition Gala

On the final day of the Olympics one of the most watched, yet least well known, events takes place – known as the Olympic Figure Skating Exhibition Gala. The event is build as a non-competitive showcase that allows the Olympic figure skaters an opportunity to skate through a song of their choice simply as a performance piece, no medals here. Some skaters use this as a moment to showcase their best tricks, while others use it as a moment to draw a few laughs from the crowd.

The event was wall to wall when we arrived with almost every seat filled. I particularly enjoyed Spainish skater Javier Fernandez’s routine, which was set to a soundtrack of the 80s best aerobic songs. His costume transitioned from sweats to a super hero set up; he had the entire crowd laughing throughout his performance.

Fernandez as he skates on to the ice in full aerobic gear

Fernandez in his Super Hero Costume

Other skaters used the platform to deliver chillingly beautiful performances of skill and poise while others used it as an opportunity to pay homage to their country. One skater even took the opportunity to showcase his affinity for Spider-Man by Skating to the Spider-Man theme song remixed by Michael Buble.

Korean pair skaters chose to showcase K Pop with their song selection

You got the feeling watching them perform that for some it was a bittersweet moment to show the world what they can do one last time and for others it was simply a victory lap capping off the end of their Olympic experience.

It was hands down one of my favorite experiences from my time in PyeongChang.

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