Sliding Center Education

When I asked to observe the luge at the Winter Olympics, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was somewhat surprised spectators really only have a few ticketed locations to observe the athletes during their run. Even then, a lot of the folks who purchased tickets don’t sit in their seats, they stand up near the front of the stands to cheer on the athletes.

Sliding center

Further, I got to work more than one event at the sliding center, which quite honestly I didn’t realize other sports would use the same sliding track! Pretty neat to learn about the different sports and see them in action first hand. I particularly find it interesting the luge uses a sled and the athlete lies on his/her back. In contrast, the skeleton also uses a sled, but the athlete lies their stomach, head first.  I’m really hoping they have cameras in the helmets so the images can be mapped to 3D tech. It would be cool to feel like I’m head first on the skeleton track, going for a run, without actually risking injury to my head! #olympics #gwu #pyeongchang2018



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