Medal Ceremony and Korean BBQ

The Winter Olympics have a unique tradition of having a medal ceremony at night, rather than presenting medals tot eh athletes at their respective venues. PyeongChang’s medal ceremony is help at the Olympic Plaza almost every night and it a great way to see several athletes from different sports come together to celebrate their accomplishments.

Shaun White and his gold medal

A few classmates and I decided to brave the cold and see Shaun White accept his gold medal in Halfpipe. The medal ceremony is a free events with emcess and a detailed schedule. A highlight reel of the sport, the presentation of athletes, the medals, then the national anthem.

Students eating Korean BBQ

After the medal ceremony, a K-Pop concert of the famous boy band BTOB keep the night going. Our toes were numb so we decided to grab some food and head home. We ended up at a traditional Korean BBQ, table top grills and all. We enjoyed the beef ribs rice, and Cass, the Korean beer of choice. The communal eating customs was very prevalent and we left happy, stuffed with food, and ready for bed.

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