Olympic Stadium Eats

Olympic food options

During my shift at the Curling venue yesterday, I decided to take a look at the concession options inside and around the Olympic sports venues. What I found was an interesting array of options for fans. The venue offered 3 food stand options which were Western food, K-food, and Grilled and fried food. The western food option is made up of options for fans wishing to enjoy food from western countries such as the USA. These western options include hot dogs, pizza, cup-a-soup, pasta bologense, and Oreo cookies. The K-food stand gives fans the option of tasting some local Korean food options such as TTeok-bokki (spicy stir fried rice cake) and Eomuk (fish cake soup). The final grilled and fried food options gives fans the option of food such as barbecue sausage on a stick, fried dumplings, roasted quarter chicken, and grilled sausage. These options are all unique and interesting but show an effort by PyeongChang to provide options that please both local Korean fans and fans from far away western countries.

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