Canada House and Blurry Selfies with Celebrities

After a hard day at work, a few of us decided to visit our neighbors from the north at Canada House. Their house is homey as its residents and their location right next to the Gangneung Olympic Park makes it the perfect spot for after some sporting events.

interior of Canada House

The $20 ticket gets you into this massive room with stadium seating, ice cold Molsons and some great bar food. I didn’t know how much I missed a burger and fries until I realized all I ate this past week was rice and kimchi.

group photo at Canada House

We decided to take the detour home and stop by the Today Show set in the Olympic Park to find Hoda and Savannah wrapping up interview for the night. Luckily. They were gracious enough to take a selfie with us before they left…but it’s blurry.

selfie with Hoda and Savannah from the Today Show

But, you take what you can get, and I know none of us are letting this opportunity go to waste!

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