Cancelled Shifts

Having grown up ski racing competitively, I was so excited to be working the alpine events!


Unfortunately, when my first shift came along, the event got rescheduled because of strong winds. A bummer, but not the end of the world. I went and met the group for some company meetings. My second shift was supposed to be the next day, but it also got canceled because of the wind.


While I was disappointed to have now lost out on 2 days of racing, I did have the opportunity to go watch the team figure skating competition. I always wanted to be a figure skater as a child, but my mom wouldn’t let me (thanks mom 😉 ). This is always one of my favorite events to watch when the Olympics are on TV, so to see it first hand was so amazing! I watched the amazing Adam Rippon (I love him!!) and watched the phenomenal Alina Zagitova (who is only 15 by the way) win her event. The talent these athletes have is so incredible and I wish I had even a sliver of it.

figure skating figure skating

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