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USA House

We had the opportunity to visit the USA House! This is a place that not many people get to see, since it is one of the national houses that is closed to the public. It is decorated so beautifully with Team USA items and sponsor sleds painted to represent the sponsor company. It is meant to be a space that athletes, their families, and sponsors can come relax, watch events, and eat delicious food.

United States Olympic Team Sign Team USA Flags Sleds in USA House Team USA sponsor sleds

We were able to visit because we got to meet with Lisa Baird (Chief Marketing Officer of USOC) and Lisa Reliford (Director of Meeting and Event Services of USOC). Hearing these two incredible women speak gave me a better understanding of much of the behind the scenes work a country does to make the Games happen and also strengthened my desire to work in this industry.

USA Sleds

Being here truly is a once in a lifetime opportunity. We are meeting and learning from so many people that we would otherwise not have the chance to.

Group standing in front of US Olympic Team Sign

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