Finally On Our Way!

The day we’ve long-awaited is finally here – we are on our way to the Olympics!

Luggage on scaleTwo girls at airport

Caroline and I (along with our 34 pound bag of snacks) have a 25-hour travel time, going from DCA-LAX-ICN. It will be the longest flight I’ve ever taken, but I couldn’t be more excited to finally visit Asia and the Olympics!


Leg one – DCA-LAX: Overall, not too bad. We had a good amount of leg room and were able to get some work done and sneak in a nap. When we landed in LAX, we had quite the trek from our arrival gate to the international terminal (hey, good practice for all the walking we’ll be doing in PyeongChang). We stopped and grabbed something to eat and after many failed attempts of getting into an airline lounge, found a spot by a window to wait for our next flight.


Leg two- LAX-ICN: Getting on this plane, it was like they were trying to torture us. Every cabin you walk through gets progressively less nice and has smaller seats. Luckily, we weren’t at the very back, but we were pretty close. This was easily the least leg room I’ve ever had on a plane, and it was going to be a long 13 hours. We ate some dinner then settled in for “bed” for the next 8 or so hours. When we woke up we only had a few hours to go and watched some TV.

Crammed legs on plane

We are finally here and are so ready for what is to come! Caroline and I will be spending 2 days sightseeing in Seoul before meeting everyone in PyeongChang. I can’t wait to share my experiences with you!

Two girls in front of Olympic rings

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